Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SC moves against PCO judges

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) decided to continue case proceedings against the PCO judges for contempt of court, reported Tuesday,May 04, 2010 .

The SC dismissed the intra-court appeals of the judges who took oath on Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) by declaring them non-maintainable.

The SC bench headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk delivered the verdict on appeals of the PCO judges.

These PCO judges who were issued the notices regarding contempt of court, include former Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and former Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (LHC) Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhry.

These judges, instead of apologizing, filed intra-court appeals; on this, the court reserved its verdict yesterday. Today the court made it public, declaring the appeals as not fit to be pursued.

The court directed the PCO judges to submit their response by May 7.

The court issued notice that the contempt case proceedings against these PCO judges will start from May 10.

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