Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karachi Port operations

KARACHI, April 30: Ten ships to unload jet oil, chemicals and high-speed diesel including a bulk carrier to load cement are expected to arrive at the outer anchorage on Friday, according to KPT sources.

Berthing was also active as eight ships, Quetta, Bright Star, Sea Al-Batross, Asian Queen, Samin 1, Wan Hai 501, Indra and Uni-Angel were accommodated berths on Thursday. Sailing was also active as seven ships, Johar, APL Sokhna, Lucky Carrier, Bow Prosper, Northern Harmony, Iron Butterfly and APL Chicago sailed out, while Sea Al-Batross, Hansa Sonderburg, Samin 1, Wan Hai 501, Quetta, Orfeas, Aqua Star and Fatima 1 are due to sail out on Friday. The following ships are due on Friday: Amalienborg with jet oil, Al Salam II with high-speed diesel, Al Marwah with chemicals, Oriental Rose and Loi Hope with ethanol, TS Qingdao, Sakas, Jakarta Express with containers, Flag Investors to load cement and Marine Bulker with steel scrap. Port QasimKARACHI, April 30: Five ships scheduled to load/offload containers, cement and palm oil were accommodated berths during the last 24 hours, said a PQA press release on Thursday. Meanwhile, four more container ships also arrived at the outer anchorage. Nine ships, CMA CGM Berlioz, ACX Crystal-V, Orbit, Admas, Leopard-B, Aigeorgis, Sichem Eva, Vema Ocean and Annoula, were busy in loading/offloading containers, cement, canola seeds, palm oil, furnace oil and coal. A cargo volume of 102,000 tons comprising 83,000 tons of import and 19,000 tons of export tonnage was handled. Ocean Beauty, Nedlloyed Europa, Vema Ocean and Annoula sailed out while ACX Crystal-V, CMA CGM Berlioz and Orbit were due to depart.

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